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  • Alex написал о заведении OFFICE
    Had loads of fun on a recent night out in Odessa. Went with some friends, male and female, to a club called The Office. Was a bit unsure about how the girls would take to going to a mens club and was surprised how many women guests there were. After a few drinks and watching the show, we progressed to drinking Sexy Tequilas. This is a drink with a difference! Imagine a almost naked girl laid out on the bar, a shot of tequila in her crotch, salt on her nipples and a wedge of lime in the lips. That's what we had to contend with! It's a hard life, somebody's got to do it. Great night!!
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  • Анатолий Грек написал о заведении OFFICE
    Just to let you fellow expats know, Thursday night is Expat Party Night at The Office in Odessa. Free entry is guaranteed for all expats and we met some fellow Europeans and some Americans when we were there. Best looking girls in Odessa working there and had great fun. Wild night out!
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  • clockot kot написал о заведении Флирт
    Девушки тут действительно классные. И я имею ввиду не только внешность, но и профессионализм, они действительно умеют танцевать. Кроме этого мне еще нравится интерьер , внутри очень удобно и красиво. Есть много места, поэтому спокойно можно брать компанию друзей. Мы сюда ходим в компании 4х человек, ходим уже больше года. Поэтому сформировалось стойкое положительное мнение об этом стриптиз клубе
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  • Валерий Кухтенко написал о заведении OFFICE
    If you have a spare night in Odessa and you're looking for somewhere to go for a night out then there's a few places to go but by far the best place that I went to was a place called The Office. Intimate place with very friendly people and beautiful girls. The girls are the prettiest I've seen out in Odessa and it's easy to have a chat and drink with the girls. They have a nice VIP room if you want a more intimate experience. Cheap drinks and overall fun night out.
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  • klara написала о заведении Оксфорд Медикал Одесса
    Хожу в клинику давно и преимущественно к Светлане Дементьевой. Благодаря ее маскам, пиллингам и массажу у меня нет необходимости делать пластику или ботокс. Особенно дал результат массаж Гарсия. Всем подругам рекомендую, а они видят результат.
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  • Георгий Ткач написал о заведении OFFICE
    I was visiting Odessa on business and stayed in the center of the city for a couple of nights recently. I was having a drink in a pub and got talking to a couple of American and European guys. I asked them where the best place to go for a good night out with a good atmosphere and a bit of fun. They all said the same place, The Office. It's a gentlmen's club on Grecheska Street and the guys were right. Great atmosphere and loads of very pretty girls. I heartily recommend it. Thanks guys!
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  • Елена написал о заведении True Man
    Ужасное обслуживание и персонал. Все грязное и противное.
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